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Thursday, September 15, 2011


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Jerry Brisbane

WOW! Thanks for that. I have just purchased the last iPad 1 in the store at a discount prior to the arrival here in Australia of iPad 2 tomorrow.

Those shortcuts are great. As a marketing copywriter, I was struggling a little with what seemed to me to be a limited keyboard, but I can see how these shortcuts will save a lot of time.

Probably means I won't have to cart the BT keyboard around all the time after all.

I particularly like the hyphen/em-dash one.


Global Aquaria Tech. Support

I just got the i-pad "Part-II" and the apple case for it but then promptly returned the case because I found a great case for half the price that has a built-in BT keyboard. The case is an a-typical portfolio style that may be folded in a way similar to the Apple case for comfortable use in your arms, lap, or stood up like a laptop in portrait or landscape orentation. the keyboard is built into the case and is just as comfortable as a regular keyboard and is splash-proof.

BREED CtrlCase & Keyboard, $40, I found it at COMPUSA on sale

REMEMBER: The iPad II is 30% thinner than the iPad so be sure to purchase the right size case. If you can't find the case for the II, you can buy the regular case and stick 4 pieces of velcro (soft side) to each inside corner of the inside case and you will find a snug fit.

Good Luck!!!

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